When Covid 19 sent the country into lockdown back in March 2020; Charlie decided to create an online project and asked for peoples favorite song requests. She then filmed and released a song a day on her social media platforms.

Here is the first ever video she posted on the 18th March 2020 and a few of her other favorites so far :

"The world has suddenly become a very tricky, uncertain and scary place at the moment; so, since being in isolation, I wanted to set myself a creative challenge to keep me singing and hopefully to keep you singing and to bring a lil joy, release, light and musical fun in this funny ole time.

So...I will be recording a song a day for the foreseeable weeks! I would love any suggestions of songs you love, songs you want to hear - anything you think would make an interesting folksy cover...let me know!

And try and keep positive wherever you are :)

First up for guilty pleasure and some sage advice...
'You Gotta Be' by Desree "

Check out the others on Charlie's Facebook Page and send a request!

Charlie has also teamed up with her duo Patchwork Skies for a few requests...see below!